Our Mission

JMD Counseling & Therapeutic Services, LLC was established in 2007 to provide child-centered services for adolescents and young children experiencing child maltreatment and disruption within their families.

JMD Counseling is committed to helping families resolve their problems in a safe and supportive environment.  Our clinicians are trained in a variety of evidenced based treatment modalities. We will work collaboratively to define and create specific goals to change negative behaviors; strength the child-parent relationship;, increase feelings of safety and security;and restore normal cognitive, emotional, and social functioning.  We provide services to children and teens experiencing a range of issues from those that may seem mild to the most severe and life-threatening. We believe in a holistic, family-focused approach, empowering you to be able to keep positive momentum going in your home after your therapy session.

Connect with us and let’s have a conversation about how JMD can help you and your family.